Code Cyprus 2014

8th March 2014 @ UCLan Cyprus

8th of Mar, 2014

UCLan Cyprus

71 attendees

It happened. And it was awesome!

Android pirate

Code Cyprus 2014 was the first large scale event taking place in Cyprus, with the simple aim of “Inspiring high school students to take an interest in computer science.”

In this page, you will find links to learn more about what happened in Code Cyprus 2014, and also to carry on with your learning afterwards.

This is the wrap-up page of Code Cyprus 2014. Looking for the original event page? Click here.

Why Computer Science?

Here you can download the presentation titled 8 Reasons on Why to Learn Coding.
Also, you can view the videos on Google's Self-driving car test, Mitch Resnick's Let's teach kids to code TEDx talk, and of course's video on how Programmers are the rock stars of the future.

Build your own Frogger game

One of the main goals of the event was to make sure that everyone got a taste of what coding looks like. To do that, we learned about the Frogger game, how the Scratch programming language works, and even watched a fun video clip from Seinfeld's episode Frogger. All the material concerning the AppInventor-based Frogger game is collected here, so you can grab it and carry on, customizing and improving the game to your own taste.

The Treasure Hunt

Undeniably, the highlight of the event was the Treasure Hunt.
As part of the legacy of Code Cyprus 2014, we have made the source code of the Android app and the App Engine server available on GitHub as open source software under the LGPL license.

Behind the scenes

Finally, a more detailed description of how Code Cyprus 2014 came to be, as well as how it felt like organizing such an event can be found in this blog, along with some pictures from the event.

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